We are a research & development based Cybersecurity service provider focusing on the following chapters;

Our R&D department is dedicated on unifying the above technologies under a secure, versatile, innovative and cutting-edge infrastructure in order to utilize maximum potential from feasible at the time of each iteration of development and implementation.

We believe in a shared, open & collaborative approach of sustainable development, social equability & economic feasibility to create a recipe that perches perfectly between key parameters, Eco-friendly Green technologies.


With Cybersecurity at its core, Crimson Drive works on a hybrid architecture using the benefits of both cloud and on-premise servers. The pain point addressed with this chapter is the security of personal or corporate information which forms the basis of our existence. As industries realize that there is a big threat to them through the interconnected use of cloud services, Crimson Drive offers a function where you don’t have to pay yearly subscriptions for maintaining your cloud space.

Crimson Drive gives the user dedicated storage space with tier limits similar to cloud services however, unlike the paid subscription models implemented by cloud services, Crimson Drive provides ownership of the physical hard drive to the user. Users therefore can request for the physical drives to be sent to them after they are filled up or they can be installed in your location on request.

Unlike traditional on premise infrastructure that is expensive to set up, Crimson Drive deploys an architecture which costs over 25% lesser than both traditional cloud and on premise architecture. Crimson Drive gives SMEs to MNC’s the ability to develop and exploit the newer technologies on a more secure, advanced and cost effective system to gain competitive advantage.


VR/AR friendly cluster node featuring NVIDIA GPU core clusters of 3, 6, 12 jetson nano units.


AR/XR, VR conferencing. Architectural visualization.


Multiple applications such as GPU render farms and mining stations. Corporate supercomputers at 2/3 the cost of traditional servers. With 10x computing power!


On-The-Go access. Google cardboard support.


All Crimson products currently run on the base module of Crimson Drive to ensure the highest level of security and to maintain the standards of Crimson Laboratories. CrimsonVR is the designer visualization tool developed for basic to elite users who consider themselves business architects such as software developers, architectural designers, visual artists and game designers amongst others. Similar to existing graphical tools such as 3DS, Adobe and CorelDraw, CrimsonVR provides a custom plugin on the Blender engine which is considered to be the best all rounder for virtual designing. Using this plugin, users have the advantage of using tools for many purposes under one license unlike existing software vendors which have to be purchased individually to access their features.


What makes you stand out in the market? We believe the answer is design. That’s why we have made our entire focus on you – the designer.



VFX and Technology Industry literally know no limit. Since 1997, when Ken Perlin was awarded an Academy Award for Technical Achievement for the development of the famous Perlin Noise Algorithm for the the movie “Tron” to James Cameron’s “Alita:Battle Angel” the two multi billion dollar industries have been interwoven in contribution to the evolution of each other. These expensive and time conscious projects have hundreds of creative personnel working over a multitude of platforms collaborating with developers creating software pipelines, hardware rigs & robotics before the final product is sent over to rendering farms to be processed via expensive GPU machinery.

Crimson Studio with integration of CrimsonVR strives to creating a unified workflow of resource migration, collaborative workspace & intermediate renders for preview according to the requirement of the Studio and help better utilize expensive machinery and hardware required in their creative process by cutting down the production time by half. Hence doubling the productivity and throughput.


In light of the current economic crisis and the vulnerability of individuals or businesses that are invested in the financial markets, Crimson FT has been developed as an advanced analytical tool which gives better visibility to make decisions. The algorithm deployed by Crimson FT captures the most recent, accessible data and gives users an optimized prediction of market trends based on user defined criteria. Users may input criteria such as duration of trade, sector of interest and expected take profit value per share. These criteria are used by the advanced algorithm to provide suggestions of the best stocks to trade, their ideal quantities based on your financial status and the expected profits.

Unlike existing platform tools Crimson FT makes use of 3 dimension space to visually present this information in a manner which is less complicated. Further, Crimson FT is suitable for large scale virtual operations by data analysts which is limited only by your investment in GPU power. It can be deployed for any industry requiring an advanced, interactive and immersive analytical tool in their operations.


Since its introduction in 2009 Blockchain has been the only contender that managed to become bridge between financial security, Cybersecurity and data-security while maintaining transparency. While remaining free & open-source this technology continues to evolve while changing the game of enterprise itself  that employs it. Its’ substance and depth hasn’t still been fully adopted leaving a leading trail of opportunities for the bold  and visionary  business ventures.

Crimson Gate, exposes most of the exotic aspects of Blockchain technology not just to provide secure operations of a business but also expansion and introduction unto unexplored free markets of the world accessible only by  breaking habits of the conventional transactions systems.



The Great Divide of Tech and Non-Tech converges at the single fork of trench, Education. At the age of internet there is no better tool for learning platform other than technology. The rise of collaborative platforms, knowledge hubs, research platforms & virtual learning environments have exploded over the past decade and they continue to do so. Major contributors to such initiatives being:, major nonprofit operations Wikimedia, Khan academy, TED-Ex and note worthy commercial projects Masterclass and MindValley.

All of these and many more knowledge and information hubs use conventional methods of videoconferencing, assignment submissions and traditional paper grading. At the new age of XR (VR+AR), Crimson Academy provides an unified solution combined with CrimsonVR the ability migrate between multiple information and research hubs virtually and seamlessly. Virtual classrooms, simulation programs and reactive environments designed to open the world of knowledge at the comfort of your place of choice.



Business automation has been identified by many researchers as a key driver in organizational success as it allows for supply chain efficiency, saves costs and impacts the overall performance of companies. CrimsonBX provides valuable tools for businesses in the areas of on- premise security, HR automation, logistics and operations monitoring and forecasting tools and others. The modules were created bearing in mind that in the current context of Industry 4.0, automation of business functions would provide SMEs the competitive edge they need to succeed in their industries. Crimson BX is the only chapter that does not require Crimson Drive as a base infrastructure as it is designed to get new users of I.T. systems familiar and comfortable with using I.T services.

"The biggest Upgrade to Ray-Tracing, since 1982"