Crimson Laboratories Pvt. Limited was incorporated with the understanding that there is disconnectedness of emerging technologies with current industries. Addressing this issue means that businesses would be able to optimize resources and efficiently manage them, giving profits in time, capital or labor. We believe that by refining the strategies of existing businesses they will be able to do what they are doing better.


The platform deployed by CrimsonLabs works on GPU intensive infrastructure to better cater the current evolution into Industry 4.0 using emerging technologies. With over four years of development, this platform has been designed to provide users an interface and controls to interact with complex systems using a graphical virtual platform. This means that the keyboard and mouse functions have evolved into a multi- function keyboard and joystick model allowing users to interact with systems in 3 dimensions which will be able to provide much advanced analytical and interactive options.


XYZTEM 1.0 by Crimson Laboratories harnesses the latest GPU hardware capabilities to bring you a truly virtual interface with untapped potential defined by the boundaries of your imagination.

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